Strongest earthquake yet in Bardarbunga

From the eruption in Grimsvotn in 2011.
From the eruption in Grimsvotn in 2011. Visir/Egill
An earthquake of magnitude 4.7 shook the Bardarbunga volcano just before midnight last night. It's the strongest earthquake measured during the seismic activity in Vatnajokul this last week.

Around 400 earthquakes were measured in the area from midnight until the early morning. The majority northeast of Bardarbunga. Most of them occurr at a depth of 8-12 km but a few are shallower at a depth around 4 km.

Until last night the strongest earthquake measured was of magnitude 4.5 Sunday night. The quake that set off the eruption in Gjalp in 1996 was of size 5.0.

See below for more news in English on the activity in Bardarbunga.

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Composed music from the Bárðarbunga quakes

"All music is just data, in a way. You can interpret Beethoven's Fifth Symphony as data, which is just notes of variable pitches at variable times. In that way, earthquakes are no different."

Activity in Bárðarbunga volcano

Over the last seven years seismic activity has been gradually increasing in Bardarbunga and the fissure swarm north of the volcano.

Magma flowing into Bárðarbunga caldera with great force

All highland roads north of Vatnajökull glacier have been closed and all traffic banned, whether by vehicle or on foot. The Bárðarbunga situation is now attracting worldwide attention on a scale similar to the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in 2010.

2800 earthquakes in three days

Of these around 950 have occured since midnight today. Several of these events were larger than magnitude 3.

Icelandair stocks shake in quake scare

Icelandair stocks have dropped sharply since Monday morning. Market analysts agree that the situation at Bárðarbunga is a large factor.

"There is full reason to expect an eruption"

The seismic activity in Bardarbunga on the Vatnajokull glacier is very powerful and therefore full reason to expect a volcanic eruption according to a specialist at The Icelandic Meteorological Office. A live webcam has been placed in the vicinity of Bardarbunga.

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