Two quakes over magnitude five and one large near Askja

More seismicity was measured in the Bárðarbunga area tonight than the night before, with over 500 quakes registered between midnight and 6 AM. Two quakes were over a magnitude of 5 and many quakes of a magnitude between 2 and 3 were also registered.

Around 2 AM a earthquake of a 4.5 magnitude was measured just east of Askja. The occasional minor earthquake has been measured there for the past week. The seismicity there peaked at 2 AM and has been stable since. There are still no signs of an impending eruption.

The seismicity was most at the end of the subterranean channel, where the magma continues to push north towards Askja.

The large quakes in Bárðarbunga are interpreted as the results of pressure changes related to the advancing magma.

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Right call to issue eruption alert

"Right now we're analyzing what was going on. As of now we don't know, but we'll keep analyzing and add it to the data pool," says Sigrún Karlsdóttir,at the IMO.

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