Eruption started again

By Kolbeinn Tumi Daðason
An eruption has started again in Holuhraun, just north of Dyngjujokull in Iceland. The eruption was visible from Mila's live webcam at 5:49 AM local time. Up to that point visibility was very low due to fog. Therefore it's hard to say at what time exactly the eruption started.

Live webcam from the lavafield can be seen in the player above. 

It's about the same location where an eruption started Friday night about 5 kilometers north of Dyngjujokull. The webcam can also be watched here but keep in mind that weather in the area is bad and visibility overall low.

Vidir Reynisson at the Civil Protection in Iceland confirms to Visir that the eruption is in the same place as Friday night. It seems a not as big and minimal measures are taken at this point. A scientist from the IMO is on his way to the eruption area. The eruption seems to be about 500 metres further north than the eruption Friday night. The lava flows east.

A video of the eruption from a scientist at the University of Iceland can be seen below.

Update 7:14 am

The eruption site appears to be on the same fissure as the recent eruption, but extends about 500m further to the north according to Martin Hensch, seismologist at the IMO. The eruption is small. A small lava flow has started to run eastwards. Keep in mind that these are first observation and no precise measurements says Hensch.

Mila has put together this photo which compares the eruption Friday morning and today.Photo/Mila

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