Rapper blames Bam Margera for backstage brawl: “Every word this guy says is bullshit”

By Bjarki Ármannsson
From left: Margera, Gísli Pálmi and Tiny.
From left: Margera, Gísli Pálmi and Tiny. Vísir
“Every word this guy says is bullshit,” says Egill “Tiny” Thorarensen, Icelandic rapper and Secret Solstice festival planner. Thorarensen was one of the three men who threw punches at Bam Margera, musician and member of the “Jackass” crew, at a restricted area backstage at the Icelandic music festival last Saturday night.

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In an interview with the Icelandic radio show Harmageddon this morning, Thorarensen says Margera is to blame for the brawl and challenges him to release a full-length video of the incident. Vísir News has posted a video showing part of the fight, where Thorarensen can be seen punching Margera in the head.

“Bam had already angered a lot of people all over the place,” Thorarensen says. “He was bothering women and festival workers.”

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Margera left Iceland two days ago after speaking with police but eventually deciding not to file charges. He told Vísir Sunday that the reason he was attempting to enter the restricted area was to meet Leon Hill, his former publicist and current Secret Solstice marketing director. Margera claims Hill owes him and his band, The Earth Rockers, money.

“Bam says that Hill owes him 90.000 dollars, but that is nonsense,” Thorarensen says. “He showed up at the bar backstage, looking to settle things. I asked him to please do it somewhere else.”

See video below.

Thorarensen says Margera had two men with him in support when he showed up backstage, looking for Hill. On Sunday, another festival spokesperson claimed Margera had been harassing female members of staff before the fight broke out.

“It was just me against three guys before Gísli [Pálmi, Icelandic rapper] came to help me out,” Thorarensen says. “We weren’t trying to help any girls, we were just taking care of ourselves. I don’t condone violence and nobody is bragging about this. Violence is never justified.

“Tiny” is most famous for his role as a rapper in Quarashi.

I could have kept on taking punches from those guys but I just lost my cool and lashed out in anger.”

When asked if Thorarensen had anything to say to Margera, the Icelander simply replied:

“Release the video uncut. I know it exists and when you release it, it will show that we were right and you were not.”


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Bam Margera brawl caught on tape

In the video Bam Margera can be seen receiving three punches to the head, including one from an Icelandic rapper, before falling to the ground.