Famous Jackass beaten up by well known Icelandic artists

By Kolbeinn Tumi Dadason
Margera was said to have a few too many before the fighting started.
Margera was said to have a few too many before the fighting started. Vísir/Getty
Bam Margera, musician and member of the Jackass crew, got into a brawl at the Secret Solstice music festival in Iceland tonight around 11 pm local time. Margera, one of the performers at the festival, is thought to have caused outrage when trying to enter a restricted area having had a drink too many according to a spokesman of the festival.

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Osk Gunnarsdottir, spokesman of Secret Solstice, confirms that Margera tried to make his way into a restricted area for the festival staff. Two female members of security refused to let him enter resulting in disturbing insults and harassment towards the staff.

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Well known Icelandic musicians witnessed this and a fight broke out. Margera found himself on the ground with his nose bleeding. Police arrived shortly after and closed the site. The police could not be reached to comment on tonight's events.

The Secret Solstice festival takes place in Laugardalur, Reykjavik's sports center. It started Friday lasting until Sunday night. In addition to many famous Icelandic bands and artists members of the Wu-Tang Clan and Busta Rhymes are performing at the festival.