International air traffic not affected

Leifsstöð. Vísir/Valli
International flights still operate to and from Keflavik International Airport, in spite of the eruption in Dyngjujökull glacier, near Bárðarbunga, which started earlier today.

The Met Office has raised the aviation color code from orange to red resulting in the air space immediately above the eruption site being closed. There is still no reason to close Iceland‘s air space as such, according to Melissa Anne Pfeffe, an expert on ash distribution at the Met Office. International air traffic is therefore not affected.

Tengdar fréttir

An eruption in Dyngjujökull glacier

Scientists at the Icelandic Met Office believe that a small sub-glacial volcanic eruption has now started under the icecap of Dyngjujökull glacier in the Northern part of Vatnajökull glacier

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