Siggi "The Hacker" receives a two year prison sentence

By Kolbeinn Tumi Daðason
Siggi "The Hacker".
Siggi "The Hacker". Vísir
Sigurður Ingi Þórðarson, also known as "The Hacker", got a two years prison sentence without parole. The main part of the indictment entailed fraud, but the verdict was issued in Reykjanes Disctrict Court this morning.

Sigurður pleaded guilty to eighteen accounts of the charges at the court hearing recently, but the sub-accounts of the charges are in the tens. He had previously denied any charges at the filing of the court case, but then changed his mind. Sigurður's felonies are considered to add up to more than 30 million ISK or approximately 240 thousand US dollars, but the indictment entailed fraud, embezzlement and theft.

Sigurður was not present at the sentencing this morning but his lawyer, Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson, confirmed when interviewed by Vísir that his client accepts the sentence. It is also his understanding that the prosecutor accepts the sentence.

The whole sentence is available here:

The prosecutor investigates sexual offenses

The prosecutor is investigating sexual offenses against eleven against eleven victims, where Sigurður has the status of a defendant. The alleged violations were committed in 2010 till the end of 2013. Sigurður was sentenced to detention in November as a result of the investigation.

Sigurður got a eight months prison sentence in February for sexual offenses against a 17 years old boy. Sigurður seduced the boy into sexual acts. Sigurður completed the prison sentencing on 2nd of November and has been in custody ever since. Now he begins completing the prison sentence he got today

Responsible for his actions but a sociopath

In the exposition following the detention request, it was revealed that some of the alleged sex crimes, investigated by the prosecutor, were committed after Sigurður was charged with sexual offenses, ie, a sentence he recently completed. It is the estimate of the police that this is an indication of an intent.

It was the assessment of a psychiatrist that Sigur ður was responsible for his actions but a sociopath. He definitely fulfills the criteria for a personality disorder of the anti-social type. He knows the difference between right and wrong, but he loses control when disappointed.

His problem includes unrestrainedness and difficulty in delaying the fulfillment of his needs. Then he does have any remorse of his doings and is unable to reveal any profound guilt. The defendent has a personality wakness.

Assisted Assange

Sigurður began to hack computers around twelve years of age, and later on he worked with Julian Assange and and his Wikileaks friends. However, his collaboration with Assange did not end amicably, as Assange accused him of embezzling sponsoring funds, up to 7 millions ISK, that the organization was supposed to receive. He was among other things convicted on that basis this morning.

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