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News from Iceland

Visir and Iceland Magazine deliver breaking news, videos and feature stories from Iceland in English.

  Enski boltinn 10:00 25. september 2016

Kevin De Bruyne meiddist í leiknum gegn Swansea

Pep Guardiola, knattspyrnustjóri Manchester City, staðfesti í viðtali við fölmiðla eftir sigurinn gegn Swansea í dag að Kevin De Bruyne, leikmaður liðsins, myndi fara til sérfræðings strax á morgun og...
  News in english 21:51 19. apríl 2016

Conor McGregor after training in Iceland: “No, I´m retired. Fuck interviews”

Pétur Marinó Jónsson, writer at MMA Fréttir, asked McGregor for a word after training tonight.
  News in english 17:11 04. apríl 2016

Full interview: Icelandic PM Sigmundur Davíð will not resign

Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, the Prime Minister of Iceland, talked to Icelandic Channel 2 News today about his involvement in the Panama Papers scandal.
  News in english 17:51 08. júlí 2015

Vísir and Iceland Magazine join forces

Vísir and Iceland Magazine are proud to announce that they have launched a joint venture to better serve English speaking readers.
  Innlent 11:50 06. júlí 2015

Aukin þjónusta við enskumælandi lesendur Vísis

Vísir og Iceland Magazine hafa hafið samstarf við að þjónusta enskumælandi lesendur, hvort sem er þá sem búsettir eru hér á landi eða ferðalangar á leiðinni til Íslands.
  News in english 09:00 27. júní 2015

Jón Gnarr: My Opinion - Playfulness

I really want to talk about playfulness, the importance of playing, alone or with others, at something that gives you joy and happiness.
  News in english 13:45 26. júní 2015

Seven former bankers receive sentences in Iceland

Former bosses of the Icelandic bank Kaupthing were convicted today for market manipulation in the months leading up to the bank's collapse in the Reykjavik district court.
  News in english 14:28 25. júní 2015

Search underway for British tourist missing in Iceland

Benjamin Stokes' rental car was found at Þingvellir this morning.
  News in english 13:00 24. júní 2015

Rapper blames Bam Margera for backstage brawl: “Every word this guy says is bullshit”

Egill "Tiny" Thorarensen challenges Margera to release a full video of their fight last weekend.
  News in english 12:03 22. júní 2015

Bam Margera files charges against popular rappers in Iceland

Two Icelandic rappers seen punching a 'Jackass' crew member at Icelandic music festival.
  News in english 15:51 21. júní 2015

Bam Margera brawl caught on tape

In the video Bam Margera can be seen receiving three punches to the head, including one from an Icelandic rapper, before falling to the ground.
  News in english 00:36 21. júní 2015

Famous Jackass beaten up by well known Icelandic artists

Bam Margera, musician and member of the Jackass crew, got into a brawl at the Secret Solstice music festival in Iceland tonight around 11 pm local time.
  News in english 09:00 13. júní 2015

My opinion: Jón Gnarr - Tattoo

The use of tattoo has grown a lot in Iceland during the last decades. Earlier, people had to go abroad to get a tattoo. It was mostly sailors who sported this kind of treasure, usually on the upper ar...
  News in english 09:54 08. júní 2015

Live from Iceland: Ministers explain their plan for lifting of capital controls

The Icelandic government has called for a media conference at noon explaining their plans on winding down of capital controls.
  News in english 13:23 06. júní 2015

“He told me I'd never be able to walk again”

"I have to admit that it is extremely difficult to get up after an accident like the one I suffered. To learn to walk wearing splints, the balance and everything. Nobody does that."
  News in english 07:00 06. júní 2015

My Opinion: Jón Gnarr - Many People Are Becoming Pretty Crazy

Iceland has big problems. We face complicated tasks; currency restrictions, health care, purchasing power and poverty, housing problems, and then there is the whole financial system.
  News in english 22:17 03. júní 2015

Serious allegations made against prime minister in blackmail scheme

Two Icelandic women, sisters and known journalists, were arrested last week after an unsuccessful attempt to blackmail the Icelandic prime minister.
  News in english 08:15 03. júní 2015

Apartment under siege by Icelandic police for six hours turns out to be empty

Reports of gunshots in an apartment building still an unsolved mystery.
  News in english 20:30 02. júní 2015

Iceland Siege: Police surround a gunman

The Icelandic police force has evacuated an apartment building in Hlidarhjalli, Kopavogur. An inhabitant is believed to have fired a shotgun from his apartment building around 3 pm local time today.
  News in english 10:48 02. júní 2015

Journalists and sisters arrested on suspicion of trying to blackmail the Icelandic prime minister

The Icelandic police arrested two women last Friday under the suspicion that they tried to blackmail millions of ISK out of the prime minister, Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson.
  Íslenski boltinn 10:04 01. júní 2015

Unbelievable goal scored in Iceland this weekend

Scottish professional Steven Lennon will remember his hat-trick in the Icelandic premier league this weekend for a long time.
  Skoðanir 09:00 30. maí 2015

My Opinion: Jón Gnarr - Icelandic Meat Soup

Nationalism seems to be on the rise in Iceland today. People talk much about the so-called national culture, and cite history.
  News in english 10:43 19. maí 2015

Former Icelandic Prime Minister Ásgrímsson dies

Iceland's former prime and foreign minister Halldór Ásgrímsson has died at the age of 67.
  News in english 19:49 14. maí 2015

Reality TV live from Iceland: 24 hours of sheep giving birth!

Today you have the chance to watch a new kind of reality TV when the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, RÚV,
  News in english 09:30 13. maí 2015

Inga Leads a Revolution in the Fashion World

Alda Women in a 8 page spread in Glamour Iceland
  News in english 20:55 08. maí 2015

My Opinion: No Man Is an Island, and Neither is Iceland

Sometimes Icelanders have been honored in other countries by something being named after us, our country, places in Iceland, or even famous Icelanders.
  News in english 16:35 01. maí 2015

The Pirate Party the biggest in Iceland by far

The latest national polls in Iceland show an unprecedented 30,1 per cent support for The Icelandic Pirate Party.
  News in english 14:09 29. apríl 2015

On a mission to save long lost messages from members of the U.S. Air Force

"This has a great significance for them"
  News in english 13:12 29. apríl 2015

Tourism in Iceland to suffer as ten thousand workers go on strike

Ten thousand workers in Iceland go on strike at noon tomorrow. Severe effect is expected on all tourism, fish industry, meat processing and more lines of work.
  News in english 10:38 26. apríl 2015

My Opinion: Jón Gnarr - To Be Yourself

For the last few weeks I have been working hard at finishing the third, and last, volume of my trilogy of youth memoirs.
  News in english 20:13 21. apríl 2015

Made a new trailer for Star Wars using a clip from Interstellar

"Good Morning America and ABC News have already contacted me," says Óskar Örn Arnarson.
  News in english 21:33 19. apríl 2015

Here we go again: Icelanders expected to celebrate summer with snow

Icelanders celebrate the First Day of Summer this Thursday. As is so often the case there won't be much summer-esque on the annual public holiday.
  News in english 09:00 18. apríl 2015

My Opinion: Jón Gnarr - To Conquer the World

I have never meddled much in politics. Except once, with dramatic consequences. I have a few times joined a political party in order to vote for or support some friend or acquaintance in a primary or ...
  News in english 13:18 14. apríl 2015

A video that will make you smile: This is how you propose to a Pirate

Inga Audbjorg Kristjansdottir proposed to Icelandic member of Parliament Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson by arranging a flashmob during their trip to Germany earlier this month.
  News in english 07:15 11. apríl 2015

My Opinion: Jón Gnarr - Blood-puddingism

I am very interested in the so-called "Icelandic national culture".
  News in english 14:38 09. apríl 2015

María Ólafs sings Euphoria with style

You can hear a great performance by María Ólafs when she sings the winning song from Eurovision 2012, Loreen's Euphoria.
  News in english 11:38 07. apríl 2015

Björk puts her summer house on sale

Fans of Iceland have a chance of a lifetime if they can come up with 200,000 USD.
  News in english 10:20 01. apríl 2015

Eight out of 50 whales did not die instantly

Two Norwegian veterinarians say that a greater proportion of fin whales die instantly than measurement of the time of death of whales in Norway shows.
  News in english 09:15 28. mars 2015

My Opinion: Jón Gnarr - Toxic law

"Last week was pretty historic in my life. As I now have an American ID number, I decided to try to apply for a change of name in a court of law here in Houston."
  News in english 22:48 27. mars 2015

Former world's strongest man claims Icelandic state for damages

Former strongest man in the world and weight-lifter Magnús Ver Magnússon has claimed the Icelandic state for damages, amounting to about ten million Icelandic kronas for unlawful wrongdoing.
  News in english 20:43 26. mars 2015

New working procedures for Icelandair and Wow Air

Both Icelandair and Wow Air are going to adopt the working procedure that there must be at least two crew members in the cockpit.
  News in english 16:21 26. mars 2015

Students, MPs and former Miss Iceland go topless in celebration of #FreeTheNipple in Iceland

A number of brave girls from Kvennaskolinn in Reykjavik marched downtown today with their tops off.
  News in english 08:21 26. mars 2015

Icelandic members of parliament free their nipples

Björt Ólafsdóttir of the party Bright Future posted her picture last night with the message: "This is for feeding children. Shove it up your patriarchy!"
  News in english 20:11 25. mars 2015

Icelandic students decide to set the nipple free

"I feel pissed that I can't flag these beauties at my own will" writes an Icelandic TV personality along with a picture she posts in support of the campaign #FreeTheNipple.
  News in english 16:47 24. mars 2015

Icelandic MP: Pirate Party associates itself with organized crime

"If piracy isn't organized crime then I have no idea what the word means," Vilhjalmur Bjarnason said in the Icelandic parliament today.
  News in english 13:09 22. mars 2015

Nearly eighty percent of Icelanders support EU referendum

However, an equally large majority says they don't want Iceland to become an EU member state.
  News in english 19:04 21. mars 2015

Nine year old boy wasn´t allowed to buy a Lego set at Toys R Us

Nine year old Icelandic boy Fridrik was excited to say the least when he headed to Toys R Us in Reykjavik today.
  News in english 09:13 21. mars 2015

Pirate Party dominant among young voters

The largest party in Iceland, according to a new poll.
  News in english 07:00 21. mars 2015

My Opinion: Jón Gnarr - The Philosophy of Luxury Socialism

"When I was a kid I never had to clean up after myself. I didn't wash the dishes or the glasses. I didn't wash my clothes," writes Jón Gnarr.
  News in english 14:54 20. mars 2015

Groundbreaking ceremony for the first heathen temple in thousand years during the solar eclipse

"This will change everything for us because we haven't had any facility for our operation," says the chieftain of the Asatru Heathen Community.
  News in english 13:00 20. mars 2015

Mesmerized by the solar eclipse: Perfect conditions in Iceland

See photos and a video of the solar eclipse in Iceland today.
  News in english 17:15 19. mars 2015

Solar eclipse glasses sold out in Iceland

Do you want to watch the solar eclipse tomorrow but haven´t got the required glasses? Tough luck, because the solar eclipse glasses are sold out in Iceland.
  News in english 16:30 19. mars 2015

Watch the eclipse live from Iceland

The broadcast starts at 08:30 a.m. GMT.
  News in english 13:05 19. mars 2015

Björk to perform at Iceland Airwaves 2015

The line-up this year also include John Grant with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Gus Gus, and Father John Misty.
  News in english 10:49 19. mars 2015

The Pirate Party is now measured as the biggest political party in Iceland

Would get about 22% of the total votes if parliamentary elections would take place now
  News in english 18:12 18. mars 2015

Icelandic two year old rocks an Ed Sheeran song along with his mum's boyfriend

Icelandic youngster Daníel Breki McCollough, who turned two last November, has become an Internet sensation.
  News in english 10:12 17. mars 2015

Of Monsters and Men are back: Listen to the new single "Crystals“

In the chorus, the group sings "Cover your crystal eyes and let your colors and blend with mine", a line likely to be sung at music festivals come summer.
  News in english 10:58 16. mars 2015

Euro 2016 boost for Iceland as Chelsea legend says yes

Eidur Gudjohnsen will be in the Icelandic national team due to face Kazakstan March 28th in an important Euro 2016 qualifier.
  News in english 20:29 15. mars 2015

Thousands gather in Reykjavík to protest government

Eight thousand people gathered in front of the Parliament building to protest the government and the Foreign Minister's actions concerning Iceland's EU application.
  News in english 17:13 14. mars 2015

Furious winds batter Iceland: Photos and videos from Reykjavik

Iceland's capital area was battered with heavy winds and flooding earlier today. The low pressure area brought winds of up to 50 m/s.
  News in english 09:55 14. mars 2015

Jón Gnarr will not be running for president

Jón says that he cannot let his family tolerate that.
  News in english 07:00 14. mars 2015

My Opinion: Jón Gnarr - President Jón

"Being the President of Iceland is a rather comfortable indoors job." writes Jón Gnarr.
  News in english 16:54 13. mars 2015

Violent storm warning

IMO has issued warnings due to wind (southerly 20-30 m/s) with wind gusts exceeding 50 m/s. Intense rain and snow-melt is expected during the weekend.
  News in english 14:44 13. mars 2015

The Pirate Party is now measured as the second biggest party in Iceland

Would have 14 members of the Parliament out of 63. Not possible to form a two-party government without them.
  News in english 21:36 12. mars 2015

Iceland no longer an EU candidate country

The government has informed the EU that should takes measures with regard to the fact that Iceland is no longer considered an EU candidate country.
  News in english 16:40 12. mars 2015

Stuck in a plane for ten hours: Criticizes EasyJet

It took Dóróthe Guðjónsdóttir ten hours to get home from France.
  News in english 09:37 11. mars 2015

Not allowed to carry the name Alex Emma: "Need to pay until we find a name that suits the state"

Icelandic parents need to pay about 1500 Icelandic Kronas of periodic penalty payments per day to the Treasury.
  News in english 12:32 10. mars 2015

Planning to make WOW air's fleet of planes five times bigger

"We are adding three planes for this year, increasing them from six to nine planes." says Skúli Mogensen, owner and CEO of WOW air.
  News in english 11:01 09. mars 2015

Former Kaupthing CEO jailed

Hreidar Mar Sigurdsson, former chief executive of Kaupthing bank, has begun serving his five and a half years prison sentence.
  Skoðun 07:00 07. mars 2015

My opinion: Jón Gnarr - Pinocchio

My own existence has long been on my mind. Who am I? Where do I come from, and where will I go? Do I have a soul or a spirit?
  News in english 16:29 06. mars 2015

Want to ban the Icelandic Sushi Samba

Among the evidence was a news article about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes dining together at Sushi Samba at Þingholtsstræti in the year of 2012.
  News in english 00:01 02. mars 2015

Possibly the most beautiful "alien" caught in the sky over Iceland

This weekend happened to be very Aurora borealis - friendly.
  News in english 12:55 28. febrúar 2015

The eruption in Iceland has come to an end

Bardarbunga system and Bardarbunga caldera will still be monitored closely.
  News in english 09:00 28. febrúar 2015

My opinion: Jón Gnarr - The Political Culture Has to Change

On the news this week we heard that the computer giant Apple had been interested in meeting with the prime minister or the president to discuss the possibility of opening a data center in Iceland.
  News in english 15:53 26. febrúar 2015

Icelandic brothers a hit at Kickstarter: A universally connectible cable

The cable has several adapters and it is possible to connect it to USB, HDMI, lightning or an audio connector.
  News in english 17:30 25. febrúar 2015

Fancy facilities: Icelandic banker heads to prison

Olafur Olafsson, one of the majority owners of bankrupt Icelandic bank Kaupthing, has begun serving his 4,5 year prison sentence.
  News in english 07:00 21. febrúar 2015

My Opinion: Jón Gnarr - God ©

The reaction to my last article, "God does not exist," has been tremendous. Plenty of people have commented on it on the social media and elsewhere.
  News in english 12:43 20. febrúar 2015

The Mountain challenges Hulk Hogan: "I will snap you like a carrot"

Icelandic strongman and Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornsson might be facing his greatest challenge to date.
  News in english 23:15 18. febrúar 2015

Icelandic UFC fighter Gunnar Nelson reveals a secret

UFC fighter Gunnar Nelson has a talent. Well, maybe not a talent, but a secret. A secret until this past weekend.
  News in english 09:15 18. febrúar 2015

Icelandic businessman acquitted

Hannes Smarason, former chairman of now bankrupt company FL Group, has been acquitted of embezzlement charges in Reykjavik's district court.
  News in english 11:28 17. febrúar 2015

Take a walk through Europe´s second largest glacier

An Icelandic company is taking a new step in offering a real Ice-experience for visitors of the country of fire, ice and midnight sun.
  News in english 22:30 15. febrúar 2015

Meet María who represents Iceland in Eurovision 2015

21 year old country girl María Ólafsdóttir stunned the Icelandic nation with her performance of the song Unbroken in the qualifiers on Saturday and couldn't believe the results.
  News in english 07:00 14. febrúar 2015

My opinion: Jón Gnarr - God does not exist

I have been fascinated by the idea of God since I was a kid.
  News in english 15:08 13. febrúar 2015

Whales will be counted this summer

The plan is to assess the stock size of whales and if the whales are increasing.
  News in english 16:15 12. febrúar 2015

Iceland jails former Kaupthing bank bosses

Four former bosses from the Icelandic bank Kaupting have been sentenced to between four and five and a half years in prison in the Surpreme Court of Iceland.
  News in english 22:17 10. febrúar 2015

Stunning timelapse of sudden weather change in Iceland

Those who have visited Iceland over the years have no doubt heard the local saying: "If you don't like the weather, just wait fifteen minutes".
  News in english 00:34 08. febrúar 2015

Equity price of HB Grandi in the Stock Exchange increased by 3 percent

A total of 15 transactions with shares of HB Grand reached the total value of 296 million Icelandic kronas during the day.
  News in english 07:00 07. febrúar 2015

My Opinion: Jón Gnarr - A little man and a little woman in all of us

I have always looked up to people who I feel are generous, people who are interested in other people, who are helpful and good listeners.
  News in english 15:30 06. febrúar 2015

Morrissey says meat is murder so Harpa is out

Looking for a venue in Iceland that doesn't serve meat
  News in english 00:15 05. febrúar 2015

Asgeir sober on tour down under

Icelandic singer Asgeiri did not drink any alcohol during his tour in Australia, but his tour was a great success.
  News in english 22:05 03. febrúar 2015

Wikileaks collectors' request denied

This morning Reykjanes Disctrict Court rejected Datacell's and Sunshine Press Production's claim of insolvency against Valitor. The claim was put forward due to an unpaid claim for damages, amounting ...
  News in english 07:00 31. janúar 2015

My opinion: Jón Gnarr - Violence or discussion?

For a long time I have been an advocate for Reykjavík and all of Iceland taking more initiative when it comes to those so called matters of peace.
  News in english 11:34 30. janúar 2015

Jón Gnarr writes "His Opinion" in Fréttablaðið

Jón Gnarr is a new columnist in the weekend edition of Fréttablaðið.
  News in english 10:23 28. janúar 2015

Found her father after a five year search and her parents fell in love - again

Bonnie Theophilus Colvin says it is an indescribable feeling to find a parent whom you have searched for for a long time; it is really like to find the second half of oneself.
  News in english 23:19 21. janúar 2015

Spokesman of Wikileaks surprised by Valitor's view

Valitor has not been willing to negotiate for damages for Datacell and Sunshine Press Productions, the two companies which handled the collection of the funding for Wikileaks.
  News in english 16:44 21. janúar 2015

Believers of the old Nordic gods get a chief temple: "This is a historical event"

The first chief temple for members of the Asatru Community in the Nordic countries for a thousand year.
  News in english 16:55 19. janúar 2015

Bankruptcy claims upsets operations at Valitor

Sigurður G. Guðjónsson, the lawyer of Valitors, wanted to make Sveinn Andri Sveinsson, the lawyer of Datacell, personally reponsible for the loss Valitor would suffer as a result of the claim for bank...
  News in english 09:42 19. janúar 2015

Volcanoist has calculated when the eruption will end

The collapse will end in the beginning of March, then the pressure in the magma chamber will reach a balance and it is likely that the eruption will come to an end.
  News in english 21:54 18. janúar 2015

Wikileaks collectors demand bankruptcy for Valitor

Two companies, handling the collection of the funding for Wikileaks, have demanded that Valitor, which handles VISA in Iceland, should be made bankrupt due to an unpaid claim for damages, amounting to...
  News in english 16:30 16. janúar 2015

Lost 100 pounds without even lifting a finger

"The mental recovery was so much that I thought I had already lost 60 kilos in February, even though it was still a long way to go."
  News in english 10:13 16. janúar 2015

Been searching for his Icelandic mother for twenty years

"He has a small family here, wife and two children, but no siblings. He would like to know if he has a family in Iceland, if he has a mother and/or siblings alive."
  News in english 15:44 15. janúar 2015

Expected the new whale-beer to be criticized

Smoked testicles from fin whales are put into the beer for flavoring.
  News in english 11:49 13. janúar 2015

Video: See the newest and one of the most beautiful craters in Iceland

"This is still a very powerful eruption. I think that the volcanic product is still in the range of 60 to 80 cubic meters per second, Ármann Höskuldsson volcanoist says.
  News in english 10:27 12. janúar 2015

Jóhannsson the first Icelander to receive a Golden Globe award

Icelandic musician Jóhann Jóhannsson won the Best Original Score Golden Globe for "The Theory of Everything"
  News in english 10:17 09. janúar 2015

Icelandic seasonal beer from whales' testicles

"We want to create a true Thorri atmosphere and therefore we decided to use smoked testicles from fin whales for flavoring the beer," Dagbjartur Arilíusson says
  News in english 14:22 06. janúar 2015

Wedding ring found after 64 years

Last weekend, Óskar Jónsson from Dalvík got his wedding ring back, but he lost the ring 64 years ago.
  News in english 13:27 06. janúar 2015

The new Holuhraun lava field is getting significantly thicker

The new Holuhraun lava field now covers 84.4 square km (32.2 sq mi). It is on average 10 m (33 ft) thick in the eastern part, about 12 m (39 ft) in the center, and about 14 m (46) or more in the weste...
  News in english 12:38 06. janúar 2015

Traffic on the Ring Road increased by 6 percent in 2014

According to information from the Road and Coastal Administration Hringvegurinn, or the Ring Road, has never seen as much traffic as in 2014.
  News in english 18:23 04. janúar 2015

Walked outside naked in the winter to save his family

Vífill Valgeirsson had to run naked from his rural home to the closest home to save his wife and mother-in-law from a fire on the night before Christmas.
  News in english 18:19 02. janúar 2015

Gunnar Nelson named athlete of the year

MMA fighter Gunnar Nelson was named athlete of the year by the readers of Vísir.
  News in english 21:37 01. janúar 2015

Video: Firework mad Icelanders at it once again

Icelanders celebrated the new year in style with fireworks lighting up the sky all around the country.
  News in english 10:43 30. desember 2014

Aron Palmarsson beaten up in late night brawl

Aron Palmarsson, handball player with Kiel in Germany and the Icelandic national team, was injured in a late night brawl downtown Reykjavik this past weekend.
  News in english 16:56 29. desember 2014

Nine year old Icelandic identical twin sisters with a rare chromosomal abnormality

"First when it started with Sonja, we thought that this could be a bad nightmare," Kristbjörg, their mother, says.
  News in english 15:54 29. desember 2014

Many restaurants open in Reykjavík on New Year's Eve

33 restaurants are open in Reykjavík on New Year's Eve, 31st of December.
  News in english 13:41 22. desember 2014

Siggi "The Hacker" receives a two year prison sentence

Sigurður Ingi Þórðarson, also known as Siggi "The Hacker", was sentenced to two years in prison for fraud and theft this morning.
  News in english 15:21 18. desember 2014

9 Icelandic restaurants included in a new comprehensive Nordic restaurant guide

Nine Icelandic restaurants have been included in a new edition of The White Guide, a comprehensive restaurant guide in English covering the best restaurants in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Icelan...
  News in english 13:03 17. desember 2014

Bad weather delays international flights

The bad weather has caused some flight delays at Keflavík International Airport this morning.
  News in english 11:36 16. desember 2014

Parents in Reykjavik are encouraged to pick up their kids from school

Parents in the Reykjavik area are encouraged to pick up their kids from school today due to the snow storm which hit the southwest part of the country this morning.
  News in english 14:04 13. desember 2014

Icelandic family concerned over alleged ISIS connection

The family of an Icelandic citizen who was worked abroad in various conflict areas such as Syria, is concerned that his work is being connected to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
  News in english 09:06 12. desember 2014

Rebekka buried on print but is very much alive

"My brother called me and said that he was very happy that I answered the phone," Rebekka Margrét Ágústsdóttir from Múli says.
  News in english 16:19 10. desember 2014

Icelandair plane decorated with northern lights

Photos of the plane are now flying high on the net, with many users admiring its beauty.
  News in english 14:34 10. desember 2014

Tourists should pay 1500 ISK to visit the Icelandic landmarks

Yesterday, the Minister of Industry and Commerce submitted a bill at Althingi on nature passes that she says will mean a drastical change of the construction of tourist attractions in Iceland.
  News in english 14:29 10. desember 2014

An Icelandic filmmaker is reported to be behind some of ISIS's recruitment videos

A blog post published on the website Nybooks.com on Tuesday maintains that an Icelandic filmmaker is behind some of ISIS's recruitment videos. Grapevine was the first Icelandic news outlet to report t...
  News in english 14:23 10. desember 2014

Like a candle in the wind: A heartwarming tradition in the Westman Islands

A father, a daughter, and a police man hiked up a cliff. This is not the beginning of a joke, but rather a true story about a heartwarming tradition in the Westman Islands.
  News in english 13:56 10. desember 2014

See how the heavy wind in Reykjavik affected pedestrians

Iceland has been hammered by a storm which got a few people into trouble on their walk in Reykjavik this morning.
  News in english 20:30 08. desember 2014

Jón Gnarr - sacked over a mohawk and walked home crying

"When I returned to work the store manager said I couldn't be in the meat table because of how my hair looked," Jón explains.
  News in english 12:47 08. desember 2014

Reykjavik dresses up for Christmas

With just over two weeks until the festivities the capital is getting in shape.
  News in english 10:42 08. desember 2014

Weather warning: Strong winds expected this evening

The Icelandic Met Office has issued a severe weather warning across the southwest and northwest coast this afternoon.
  News in english 11:00 05. desember 2014

11 Icelandic phrases you need to learn for Christmas

Here are a few Icelandic phrases that you are bound to need at one time or another during your stay.
  News in english 14:59 04. desember 2014

Icelanders who reside abroad not allowed to bring duty-free merchandise when visiting Iceland

Different set of regulations apply to them than to Icelandic tourists.
  News in english 13:45 04. desember 2014

Ólöf Nordal is new Interior Minister

"I'm very grateful", says Ólöf.
  News in english 17:02 03. desember 2014

Beyoncé and Jay-Z visit Skógafoss waterfall

The American celebrity couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z continue looking at Icelandic nature and landed at Skógafoss around one o'clock today.
  News in english 10:13 02. desember 2014

Beyonce and Jay-Z in Iceland

The couple is celebrating Jay-Z´s 45th birthday. Are planning a helicopter ride over the eruption in Holuhraun, trip to the Blue Lagoon and a private party at a luxury lodge.
  News in english 16:42 02. desember 2014

Iceland the coolest place to visit according to Forbes

Interestingly enough a week after publishing the list Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z are said to have arrived in Iceland.
  News in english 13:57 02. desember 2014

5727 quakes in Bárðarbunga

The lava river flows steadily and expands the lava to the north and south.
  News in english 12:28 02. desember 2014

Strong winds expected in the afternoon

Hrafnseyrarheiði road in Westfjords closed
  News in english 10:47 02. desember 2014

Pippa, a young Sigur Rós fan, had her wish come true

Pippa, a young fan of the Icelandic band Sigur Rós, and her family have been enjoying their dream vacation in Iceland for the past days.
  News in english 10:19 02. desember 2014

The subsidence at Bárðarbunga is the largest measured in modern times in Iceland and is broadening

The subsidence at the Bárðarbunga caldera is so great that the GPS station located on the ice surface is now below the caldera rim and not delivering any sign as it is out of sight of the relay statio...
  News in english 10:30 01. desember 2014

A storm hits Iceland

Flights in an out of Keflavik airport have been disrupted.
  News in english 18:50 29. nóvember 2014

Storm expected tomorrow

The Icelandic Met Office urges people not to travel and to secure loose objects.
  News in english 13:08 28. nóvember 2014

What will happen next at Holuhraun and Bárðarbunga? Three probable scenarios

A magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck at Bárðarbunga caldera around 6 this morning.
  News in english 20:57 26. nóvember 2014

10 Useless Icelandic phrases you should not bother to learn

While visiting Iceland it's useful to know some key phrases in Icelandi - but not these.
  News in english 16:29 26. nóvember 2014

Roads covered in snow and ice; drivers warned to be careful

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration warns drivers of ice on roads.
  News in english 17:45 24. nóvember 2014

Magma in Bárðarbunga caldera closer to the earth’s surface than was estimated

Magma seems to be considerably closer to the earth's surface in Bárðarbunga caldera than was earlier estimated.
  News in english 11:22 24. nóvember 2014

Icelanders consume more anti-depressants now than a decade ago

According to the National Broadcasting Service Icelanders are prescribed drugs to treat mental health and neurology problems more frequently now than a decade ago.
  News in english 16:11 20. nóvember 2014

See how the ice cap of Mýrdalsjökull glacier has changed in 28 years

NASA's fantastic Earth Observatory page has published a great feature on how the ice cap of Mýrdalsjökull glacier has changed in 28 years.
  News in english 12:28 19. nóvember 2014

Favorable weather conditions in Iceland

Photographer Gunnar V. Andrésson took photos at Snæfellsnes over the weekend, that clearly show the mild weather the country has been enjoying
  News in english 09:36 19. nóvember 2014

Timeline of events in the Ministry of the Interior scandal case

Gísli Freyr Valdórsson admitted on November 11th that he leaked a memo from the Ministry of the Interior, but up until that point he had steadfastly denied doing so.
  News in english 14:56 09. nóvember 2014

People of Airwaves: Had Iceland tattooed on his arm

The trio of Tito, Benua and Antoine from Belgium were delighted with their stay in Iceland and were having a great time.
  News in english 14:11 09. nóvember 2014

People of Airwaves: Came from the US to volunteer for Airwaves

One thing that has not gone unnoticed here at Iceland Airwaves is that many of the festival staff are young people from outside of Iceland.
  News in english 13:27 09. nóvember 2014

People of Airwaves: People thought me weird for going alone to Iceland.

Stefano from Italy was sitting quietly and going over tonight's programme when our reporter chatted with him.
  News in english 22:30 07. nóvember 2014

People of Airwaves: Nothing compares to Icelandic reggae

The friends Maddalena Cebese and Victoria Wadersee are both German but live in London where they're attending university together.
  News in english 22:24 07. nóvember 2014

People of Airwaves: Playing the wingwoman

The friends Jill Casavant and Natalie Spaeth from Atlanta, Georgia, are excited about the Iceland Airwaves festival.
  News in english 20:47 07. nóvember 2014

People of Airwaves: Loves the Icelandic chocolate cake

"We love the Icelandic nature, the people and Reykjavík. Just all of it," says Theo and Joyce.
  News in english 19:33 07. nóvember 2014

People of Airwaves: Missed her favourite band

Joelle is from Wisconsin and works as a writer. This is her first trip to Iceland, but her best friend lives here.
  News in english 18:31 07. nóvember 2014

People of Airwaves: Not drunk enough yet to pick up girls

Kevin Velasco from Seattle is visiting his friend Ben Crowe who's studying Icelandic Studies at the University of Iceland.
  News in english 17:11 07. nóvember 2014

Icelandic prostitute invites men to her home while her baby sleeps

Her husband waits in the kitchen while she invites men in there bedroom. "If I was doing this out of necessity it would be much more difficult," the 22 year old prostitute says.
  News in english 19:52 04. nóvember 2014

Wedding ring found after a year inside blood pudding

"I didn't bother renewing it as I was so certain that it would turn up again," says Anna Guðný Egilsdóttir.
  News in english 12:20 31. október 2014

Holuhraun eruption reaches global scale

No matter how one looks at it, the Holuhraun eruption is making history.
  News in english 13:00 29. október 2014

Car-flipping video under investigation by authorities

The video became a smash hit online.
  News in english 17:13 22. október 2014

Flips car in parking garage

A video from the security camera from the parking garage under Höfðatorg has been published online, where the driver of the car can be seen trying to reverse at full speed into the gate of the parking...
  News in english 11:47 22. október 2014

Around 50 earthquakes in the last 24 hours

Seismic activity in the Bárðarbunga system and volcanic activity at the eruption site in Holuhraun is continuing at comparable levels as in recent days.
  News in english 15:26 17. október 2014

A star from the Office performing at Reykjavik Comic Festival

Stephen Merchant form the Office is among comedians who are performing at this years Reykjavik Comic Festival 2014.
  News in english 20:27 12. október 2014

Iceland's Anarchist Comedian Mayor Is Moving to Houston

"I think this might be the beginning of a very interesting adventure," says Jon Gnarr.
  News in english 13:55 11. október 2014

ISIS uses Icelandic URL - "Something that can't be prevented"

The website for the Islamic terrorist organization ISIS is registered in Iceland. The director of ISNIC, the company that handles all Icelandic website registrations, says that it was only a matter of...
  News in english 15:40 08. október 2014

Billionaire defies ban to dance by life-threatening volcano

Goga Ashkenazi and her friends posing for photos by the eruption on Sunday.
  News in english 15:23 06. október 2014

Fisherman finds message in a bottle he wrote 19 years ago

Here we can see the message.
  News in english 10:18 06. október 2014

Caught 50 kg cod: "Like winning the lottery"

Eysteinn caught the monstrous cod on Friday.
  News in english 21:23 05. október 2014

Ten-man Stjarnan wins the title with a dramatic late goal | Player goes after referee

Goals, red cards, great saves, missed chances, questionable penalty decisions and supporters and players attacking the referees.
  News in english 13:46 01. október 2014

New Eurovision tryout rules degrading to women

A new rule that The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV) introduced for the Icelandic Eurovision tryouts states that half the entries for the tryouts must have a woman credited as a songwrite...
  News in english 09:46 01. október 2014

Interest rates remain unchanged

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Central Bank of Iceland has decided to keep the Bank's interest rates unchanged.
  News in english 13:18 26. september 2014

Ashfall may lead to water shortage

The Icelandic Association for East-Iceland Authorities concluded their meeting just now about the potential threats of volcanic activity in Vatnajökull.
  News in english 10:18 25. september 2014

Iceland releases more sulphur than all of Europe due to eruption

The eruption has, in only the span of 3 weeks, secured its place in the history books for at least two reasons.
  News in english 10:30 24. september 2014

Comparable to Vesuvius and St. Helens eruptions

The as-of-yet-unnamed eruption north of the Vatnajökull glacier has reached a higher category on the Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) and is now considered to be VEI 5.
  News in english 08:53 24. september 2014

Video: Scientists move burning lava into a pot

Scientists at the Institute of Earth Sciences at the University of Iceland are still very much at work at the lava field Holuhraun north of Vatnajökull. They have released a video which shows them tra...
  News in english 13:13 23. september 2014

Holuhraun eruption about to exceed 1947 eruption

The lavaflow from the caldera is equal to the waterflow of the Þjórsá river.
  News in english 09:43 23. september 2014

Earthquake of magnitude 5.2 at Bárðarbunga

Seismic activity around Bárðarbunga is unchanged compared to recent days.
  News in english 13:46 22. september 2014

Bárðarbunga eruption may reveal plane wreckage

On September 14th 1950 the plane Geysir went on its last voyage.
  Innlent 13:05 19. september 2014

Undercover trio defies volcano travel ban

On the left photo we see the Coast Guard helicopter come pick up the men. The photo on the right shows them in their disguises.
  News in english 10:19 19. september 2014

Large earthquake close to the Bardarbunga caldera

An earthquake of magnitude 4.7 was detected about 5,5 km northeast of Bardarbunga caldera just before 7 AM this morning.
  News in english 13:21 17. september 2014

The new lava would fill all buildings in Iceland and then some

"It's already bigger than the entire Krafla episode," says Ármann Höskuldsson, volcanologist at the University of Iceland.
  News in english 10:31 15. september 2014

Seismic activity still remains high

Twenty-three earthquakes were detected around Bárðarbunga, the eruption site, last night. The biggest one measured 5,0. Seismic activity has decreased from last night, yet still remains high.
  News in english 13:45 10. september 2014

Pele´s hair: A fascinating phenomenon created by the volcano

It was noticed blowing all around the fissure, but no one could explain or understand why. It looks like tufts of hair and feels like glass wool.
  News in english 13:25 10. september 2014

Seven eruptions in Bárðarbunga area so far

Magma has reached the surface 7 times in the past 3 weeks - which makes 7 eruptions.
  News in english 09:26 09. september 2014

Video: Motorists fined 2800 euros when returning rented car used in off-road driving

Vehicle manager Rúnar Ólafsson (right) for 4x4 Iceland Car Rental was not pleased with the damaged incurred by the off-road driving.
  News in english 14:17 08. september 2014

Extent of the lava is now approximately 19 square km

The eruptive activity at Holuhraun continues at similar intensity. The eruption sites are the same as before.
  News in english 14:09 06. september 2014

15 metre subsidence in the centre of the caldera

Measurements show large changes on the ice-surface. Up to 15 m subsidence has occurred in the centre of the caldera, which corresponds to a volume change of 0.25 km3.
  News in english 13:19 04. september 2014

Volcanic activity could go on for years

"There's gonna be activity here for a few years. Not this particular eruption, it'll end and another one will start up elsewhere, and this will clearly erupt in a glacier," said volcanologist Ármann H...
  News in english 07:34 04. september 2014

Magnificent images of the volcanic eruption

Last night lava from the eruption encompassed over nine square kilometers.
  News in english 16:08 02. september 2014

The sulphur taste in your mouth will turn into sulphuric acid in your lungs

The Holuhraun eruption is still ongoing, but scientists are setting off to determine if the pressure in the magma chamber has gone down or just moved elsewhere. Right now the primary concern is the pr...
  News in english 13:11 02. september 2014

A noticeable decrease in seismicity

Since midnight today, around 300 earthquakes have occurred in the area around Bardarbunga.
  News in english 13:54 01. september 2014

Over five hundred earthquakes since midnight

A magnitude 5.0 earthquake was recorded on the Bárðarbunga caldera this morning, and another of magnitude 5.2 at 11:41 UTC in the same region.
  News in english 13:55 31. ágúst 2014

Amazing pictures from the eruption

Armann Hoskuldsson, a scientist at the Institute of Earth Sciences at the University of Iceland, took some amazing photographs in the early morning when scientists witnessed the eruption in Holuhraun ...
  News in english 13:30 31. ágúst 2014

Live webcam: "Similar in size to the largest Krafla eruptions"

Magma started flowing in Holuhraun at 5:00 AM this morning. The eruption is located on the same fissure as the previous eruption on Friday morning, but is many times larger. This is the third eruption...
  News in english 06:34 31. ágúst 2014

Eruption started again

An eruption has started again in Holuhraun, just north of Dyngjujokull in Iceland. The eruption was visible from a live webcam at 5:49 AM local time.
  News in english 12:15 29. ágúst 2014

Stunning images from the volcanic eruption in Holuhraun at sunrise

The eruption near Bardarbunga volcano is not considered a risk to international flight plans.
  News in english 06:19 29. ágúst 2014

Air traffic not affected

The eruption in the Holuhraun lava field in Iceland has no impact on air traffic from Keflavik airport, at least at this stage.
  News in english 04:14 29. ágúst 2014

The fissure thought to be about one kilometre long

A scientist at the IMO in Iceland located about five kilometres from the eruption in Holuhraun, north of Dyngjujökull, estimates that the fissure is about one kilometer long.
  News in english 01:16 29. ágúst 2014

Volcanic eruption confirmed north of Dyngjujökull

Webcams show that lava eruption has started in Holuhraun, north of Dyngjujökull.
  News in english 20:42 28. ágúst 2014

iPod reclaimed by owner after taking European trip

Júlia is ecstatic about recovering her iPod.
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